HOT JAM DONUT - Apothecary jar
HOT JAM DONUT - Apothecary jar
HOT JAM DONUT - Apothecary jar

HOT JAM DONUT - Apothecary jar

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What could be better than a sweet fried donut oozing with strawberry jam,  You first smell the sweet strawberries and then the aroma of yummy vanilla and cinnamon, you can almost smell it from here.

 added notes of vanilla sugar, cinnamon, strawberry & buttermilk. A true guilty pleasure, go on treat yourself.

Flaming Flamingo candles burn clean and are long lasting made from natural soy wax and pure cotton wicks.   With our very own unique fragrances, our aim is to take you on a journey of the senses.

550ML amber apothecary jar

burn time approx 80hrs



  • When lighting a soy candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt all the way to the sides of the container.
  • The first burn of the candle should last as long as it takes to reach all the way to the edges of the container.

  • This will give you maximum fragrance and an even burn. If you do not allow the wax to pool on the first burn you may get wax remaining along the sides of your container.

  • Always trim your wick to about 6-8mm before you re-light your candle. This will ensure a long lasting candle, minimise soot and remove any mushrooming of the wick left from the previous burn.  be sure not to over trim your wick as you may not be able to re-light your candle.

  • If you do not trim the wick regularly, if the candle is in a draft or is left to burn too long you may get a “mushroom” effect on the end of the wick. This may cause some soot to collect on the inside of the container. If this happens, extinguish your candle, wait for it to cool, wipe off the carbon marks with a clean damp cloth and re-light.

  • All our candles are hand poured,. Although all effort is made to ensure consistency, every candle will be slightly different.

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